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Our Core Values

A successful strategic planning process will define the common purpose that brings and holds together the many elements of the Collegy community. The commitment to being a Christ-centred institution through our desire to serve God and humanity is the value we, as a community, hold most central and dear. We therefore shall encourage a shared sense of responsibility, and we will be able to realize our collective obligation to use our resources wisely and creatively in accomplishing our Vision and Mission.The college will enhance a culture in which staff and students are responsibly self-driven as a consequence of internalizing self-prescribed institutional values as indicated in the Strategic Plan.

The College will always foster to develop respect for truth and lasting values and service to each other by implementing the following values:-


 The College shall uphold high quality academic status, ethical and quality standards in terms of recruitment, admission and services provided to enhance professional competence by providing the highest level of education to all. The College Management shall seek to attract and retain qualified staff to provide quality training for academic excellence, upholding the highest level of Christian integrity and providing academic and spiritual excellence.


The College shall strive to be transparent and accountable in all its areas of operation. It shall appreciate and reward exemplarily services at all times thereby promoting accountability by encouraging openness and fairness to one another and among all stakeholders.


 The College shall create an environment where all stakeholders in the College share decision-making, and appreciate the benefit of synergy. The university shall strive to create this partnership though a team spirit that supports each other as we perform different functions for our common vision and mission.


The College will promote good citizenship, for we believe that we are all made in God's image. We treat other parties with fairness, dignity and respect.

Customer Centric:

 The College shall ensure commitment to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and provide our students and staff a positive experience in all our work processes by adopting a mind-set and attitude whereby satisfying the customer is the number one goal. This will include taking into consideration the working relationships among all employees and treating every member of staff as a customer in an effort to inspire, encourage development, and transform work as well as customer experience.

Vision & Mission

We dare dream, plan and act, as we serve God and humanity. We have continued to make great strides and are ever grateful to all who have been part of our journey. We do not take for granted the high standards of excellence that we see all round us. It has taken genuine willingness of many who have sacrificially given of themselves in extraordinary service. We owe our successes to God and to all who proudly and selflessly carry the distinctive Kimtech's College mark of dedication.


 “To be a Centre of Excellence in usage of modern & advanced Information communication technology platform in provision of quality, relevant and innovative tertiary education. ”


“To provide Quality and Relevant Education, Training and Research through usage of modern & advanced information communication technology platform”